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When Haf & Co was established, our mission was to not only raise awareness of the impact of pollution on our oceans and marine life, we also wanted to give back.

10% of our profits are donated to Marine Conservation charities to help fund the incredible work they do.

Our two current chosen charities are British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Surfers Against Sewage who both do incredible work.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue was founded in 1988 by a small group of like minded divers in response to mass seal mortality in East Anglia. Since then, BDMLR have been involved in marine wildlife rescue across the UK. While seals rescues remain a large part of their work they have also been involved in cetacean rescue, helping stranded or entangled whales/dolphins/porpoises.  BDMLR now trains over 1000 Marine Mammal Medic volunteers a year, helping them to assist in Marine wildlife rescue throughout the year across the UK.

Surfers Against Sewage began as a group of surfers response to sewage pollution on the coast of Cornwall. While water quality remains a priority, tackling plastic pollution has become a large part of their work. From campaigning to challenge society’s throwaway culture, to organising beach cleans across the UK Surfers Against Sewage have helped prevent millions of pieces of plastic entering our ocean eco-system.

We’re always keen to hear any recommendations for charities you think we could donate to, so please drop us a message if you have any ideas! 


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Photo: @bdmlr_uk

Charity Prints 


Little White & Little Grey

50% Donated to The Beluga Whale Sanctuary

Did you follow the story of Little Grey and Little White? They’ve recently been part of an incredible rescue mission to relocate them from captivity in Shanghai to their very own Beluga Sanctuary. The Beluga Sanctuary on Heimaey, one of the Westman Islands off the south coast of Iceland was set up with the aim of providing formerly captive beluga whales with a safe & more natural home. Since their arrival, Little Grey & Little White have been cared for in specially adapted indoor facilities and sea sanctuary care pools before being released into the bay to explore the ocean & their natural surroundings.

“As well as providing an exciting home for Little Grey and Little White, we look forward to welcoming other belugas here and encouraging the development of sanctuaries in other parts of the world. We hope this will mean that many of the more than 3,500 whales and dolphins held in captivity for shows and swim with attractions can be brought to sanctuaries to live more natural lives or be rehabilitated for a return to the wild.” - Cathy Williamson @whalesorg

We, along with so many viewers of John Bishop's Great Whale Rescue  have been so inspired by the story of Little Grey & Little White and their incredible journey back to the ocean. We hope this is the first case of many, for the thousands of whales and dolphins still held in captivity across the world, being exploited for entertainment.


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